Biology 1100

Spring 2006 TR 08:00AM-11:20AM NC 3A Code 3090-1100-601 Section 30318

This curriculum is obsolete and preserved for archival purposes only. Many links here are probably broken. For current curruculum based on the new Johnson textbook, see

Class 01Chapter 1 The Nature of Science and the Characteristics of Life
Class 02Chapter 2 Understanding and Organizing the Diversity of Life, 3 Major Groups of Living Organisms
Chapter 3 xtra credit Stem Cell Research Basics: Early Stem Cells U of Kansas Medical Cente 2006
Class 03Chapter 4 Biodiversity
Chapter 4 xtra credit Steps Taken to Help Eagle Leave Endangered List New York Times 2/14/06
Class 04Chapter 39 The Biosphere (pp. 652-662), 40 Why Organisms Live Where They Do
Class 05Chapter 41 Growth of Populations (pp. 682-688), 42 Interactions among Organisms (pp. 696-703)
Chapter 41 xtra credit Bald eagle soaring off endangered list (A.P.) 2/14/06
Chapter 42 xtra credit Intracellular symbioses in insects U. of York
Chapter 42 xtra credit The Nutritional Symbiosis of Buchnera and Aphids U. of Connecticut 03
Chapter 42 xtra credit Buchnera sp. U. of Missouri-Rolla
Class 06Chapter 43 Communities of Organisms (pp. 710-713,715-717)
Class 07Chapter 44 Ecosystems (pp. 724-727,728-732), 45 Global Change (pp. 743-747)
Chapter 45 xtra credit The Wind and the Fury Science News 9/17/05
Class 08Chapter 5 Chemical Building Blocks (pp. 90-98), 6 Cell Structure and Compartments (pp. 106-117)
Chapter 5 xtra credit Will low-fat foods sway biotech sceptics? New Scientist 3/19/05
Chapter 5 xtra credit A Better French Fry New York Times 8/18/05
Class 09Chapter 7 Energy and Enzymes (pp. 124-133)
Class 10Chapter 8 Photosynthesis and Respiration, 10 Cell Division
Chapter 10 xtra credit Telomerase's New Talent Science Now 8/17/05
Class 11Chapter 24 The Form and Function of Life, 35 Behavior (pp. 586-591)
Chapter 35 xtra credit Reduce Fear of Flying Behavioral Associates
Class 12Chapter 36 Reproduction
Chapter 36 xtra credit Why sex matters? [book review]. BioScience Mar.02
Class 13Chapter 12 Patterns of Inheritance (pp. 206-212), 13 Chromosomes and Human Genetics
Chapter 13 xtra credit A Sweet Remedy for Huntington's? New Scientist 1/21/04
Class 14Chapter 14 DNA (pp. 243-248)
Class 15Chapter 15 From Gene to Protein, 17 DNA Technology
Chapter 15 xtra credit X-inactivation profile Nature 3/17/05
Chapter 17 xtra credit Adenosine deaminase: Segregation for Three Alleles University of Virginia 12/10/99
Class 16Chapter 18 Harnessing the Human Genome (pp. 304-310), 20 Evolution of Populations
Chapter 18 xtra credit CRYPTOCHROME: Role in Circadian Photoreception Annual Review of Biochemistry Jul 00
Chapter 20 xtra credit Did Darwin get it wrong? Searching for the ancestor of Darwin's finches On Science 2005
Class 17Chapter 21 Adaptation and Speciation
Chapter 21 xtra credit Snapping Shrimp Stun Prey with Flashy Bang National Geographic News 10/3/01
Class 18Chapter 22 The Evolutionary History of Life (pp. 370-381)
Class 19Chapter 23 Human Evolution

Instructor: Peter Chen