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Unit 6: Interaction with the Environment Communities of Organisms Review
  1. Communities are composed of of different species in a particular environment.
  2. The feeding relationships of who eats whom in a community form the food , which comprises a pyramid, where energy is lost in the form of at each level.
  3. Primary consumers (herbivores) feed on , while higher-level consumers feed on consumers. A cricket is an example of a consumer in the trophic pyramid.
  4. Frequently, there is one species that helps maintain balance within the community. An example is the which helps maintain the population of in an intertidal community.
  5. The species composition in a community can change over time in a process called . New habitats experience succession, in which species colonize new territory. Disturbed habitats experience succession, in which both new and previous inhabitants recolonize the area. Few communities complete succession to form a community.
  6. Human activity such as logging, pollution, and by livestock can have long-lasting effects on the community and may even cause the extinction of some species.
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